There is more to Glutamine then you think

There is more to Glutamine then you think

Whether you're a bodybuilder, crossfitter, football player or into fitness, you will know the importance of supplementation, when used with a good diet and training program of course. Walking into a Supplement store and seeing the mass variety can be overwhelming but understanding the key products is what can help you find your way through the thousands to choose the right ones for your goals and needs. L-Glutamine, is one of the more effective supplements on the market. It is the third highest-selling product in the world, used by athletes to help aid recovery and improve performance.

Why is Glutamine so important?

GLUTA-GROW those Muscles

Glutamine aids in Muscle Growth, yes, you read that right, one of the main benefits of Glutamine is Muscle Growth. Muscle is built when we rest following an intensive workout, our body needs to manufacture new muscle proteins via protein synthesis. Glutamine increases protein synthesis, and kick starts it almost immediately, which is why it is so effective when taken post-workout with a Protein shake when the muscles are at peak anabolic charge for maximum nutrient intake.

Have Immunity for your Body

The immune system is your body’s front line and the last line of defence against all the nasty illnesses and diseases. By strengthening your immune system, you will be less likely to catch illnesses and bugs, and if somehow they get through, you will be able to fight them off and recover quicker. Glutamine has been proven to help increase immunity, make us healthier and can even help protect against cancer.

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression with a little Glu

Studies have found that increasing your glutamine consumption could actually help to reduce natural cortisol levels, when we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, our bodies secrete cortisol, which naturally lowers glutamine levels and makes us feel worse. By taking Glutamine you can prevent this which means you’ll feel happier, calmer, and relaxed as a result.

Glutamine and blood sugars

Glutamine has been found to help regulate blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics or people struggling with abnormal blood sugar levels. Glutamine helps increase glucose utilization, which in turn keeps blood sugar levels stable, and as well as that, it also reduces the likelihood of insulin resistance as well.

What are we forgetting...Brain Health 

Glutamine has also been found to benefit the health of our brains. It is a vital neurotransmitter within the brain, helping to improve memory, focus, and concentration! Mixing some Glutamine with your Amino iQ will take your brain to the next level!


Recommended Use

Adults: Take 1-2 scoops (5g-9g) per day. Add to 8-12oz of cold water, your morning shake or your post-recovery shake.

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