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Best tasting

The candy series is the best tasting protein I have come across to date and I have tried many.

A fun “whey” to hit my protein targets during the hot summer months!

As the hot summer months approach I absolutely LOVE the Beyond Yourself Candy Series! It’s such a cool, fun “whey” to hit my protein goals especially when my appetite is lower.

Vegan Protein
Suzanne Da Costa
Vegan Cookie Dough

Love it! Smells like and taste like cookie dough. I soak gluten oats with it...could have it everyday(kind of do:)

Beyond Isolate
Jessica Chiblow
Chocolate and Peanut Butter dream

My absolute fav protein powder by far! I love every flavor I have tried!

Summer smoothie bliss

Loving the protein candy series! Mixes so nicely with coconut milk on its own, or blend with frozen watermelon chunks and frozen blueberries. Such a sweet summer vibe

Mumma to 3
AMRAP makes it all possible!

I have used this for years religiously. I am a 60 yr young female who started running in my 50's, then became a triathlete. I love to cycle year round and hike I very rarely have any soreness and endurance is my jam. I forgot my AMRAP once, ran a 10K race and hurt for days afterwards. Never again! This product is amazing. I am grateful it was recommended to me. I am off to Europe this summer to hike 170K around Mont Blanc. Taking my AMRAP with me. I do wish you could supply it in single servings for convenience/travel.

Really like the product even if it’s a bit expensive

Beyond Isolate
Bridget Stasow
Beyond Isolate Peanut Butter Dream

Fantastic flavour protein powder.

Fantastic flavour!

Shaker Bottle
Nathan Simmons

I don’t like the grater breaker and it’s harder to clean than the breaker balls

Vegan protein

My fav vegan protein out there. Best texture, not chalky and no weird aftertaste. Looove that it’s sweetened with stevia, that’s important to me. Flavours taste great too! Happy :)

Beyond Isolate
Ron Lindsay
Tastes great

Dissolves wonderfully and is super tasting. Only draw back is it is protein only with no added vitamins or minerals. Can be used as directed for athletes to boost body but not as a meal replacement.

fred faust
Great product , great flavour

Love this product, have been using it for a bit and I find I get really solid workouts and the pump is always great!

michelle delios
Top Notch

I have been purchasing GREAANS for years. This is my go to product. I like the mixed greens (this was before the other three came to market) but once chocolate mint hit the playing field, this was it for me. It is the taste I am looking for.

the best tasting vegan on the market!

by far my absolute favourite vegan protein!!

Vegan Protein
Natasha Nyers
Love it!!

All time fav!! There is no other vegan protein that can measure up to this! So delish!!


After 3 weeks of cardio workouts, I levelled out with no weight loss in days. I kept forgetting my keto ice before working out, so I put it in the gym and take it daily, in the morning, with 40 oz water. In the last week I’ve lost 2 lbs. it’s the only thing I’ve changed, so, I think it’s helping! Gold star!

michelle delios
Excellent taste

I have purchased AMRAP BCAA for years. This is my go to refreshment during and after my workouts.

I love grape, white, north. Find very light and not a chalky taste left in my mouth.

If you are looking for something refreshing and with taste, this is the one for you

The best ever!

I wanted to give something else a try aside from the classic protein flavours and I am shocked at how much I like this one! Just add cold water and it taste like your drinking the actual popsicle flavor!

SuperSET Stim-Free
Todd Sanderson
Great Pre Workout Supplement

I am unable to use Pre Workout Supplements with stimulants. SuperSET Stim-Free allows me to have a hard, focused workout with a great pump and help me achieve my goals!!

Beyond Isolate
Michelle SI
So smooth!

Peanut butter chocolate - wow. I actually crave it now. I didn't love it with just water even though it mixes so smoothly. but I usually put 1 scoop, a cup of milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter in my blender and ... yeah that's just delicious. I feel great if I have that after a workout.

Beyond Isolate
Glorina Park

Great product, amazing taste and quick delivery!

Beyond Isolate
Christine Rosner

Love it!!!

Kurt Waher
New formula? Horrible taste... (Red, White, Boom AMRAP)

I am usually a proud supporter of the Beyond Yourself brand but I can't take it anymore... I've purchased 4 canisters Red, White & Boom AMRAP over the past 4-6 months or so and every one of them has been terrible... I'm not sure what formula has changed but something has definitely changed for it to consistently be this bad... I thought maybe it was a 'one off' batch but nope... so... off to find another BCAA unfortunately. I do love the Candy series of protein so not all is lost

Vegan Protein
Amanda Tassillo

This has become my new favourite protein!