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Erika Tkatchuk
The best new addition to my bed time routine!

We all know that a good day starts the night before and Amino Zzz is integral to my night time routine. Skincare, mediation and Amino Zzz = ultimate self care trifecta.

Vegan Protein
Kaitlin Link
This flavour is not for me

I like the vegan protein but the vanilla cupcake batter flavour is WAY too sweet.

Beyond Isolate
Steve Jones
Great Product, Great Price, Fast Delivery!

Had no idea my favorite protein powder was Canadian made! Can't beat the product and had it delivered free in 2 days. Will continue to order directly from Beyond Yourself!

Great flavour!

Vegan Protein
Celine Cool

I've tried dozens of protein powders in the past and was never satisfied. I either hated the taste/texture or couldn't digest it. I was apprehensive about wasting my money again but the 2 lbs format convinced me... and it changed my whole perspective on post workout shakes!!! DELICIOUS, easy to mix, easy to drink and most of all, easy to digest! THANK YOU Beyond Yourself I'm so relieved and satisfied!!!

SuperSET Stim-Free
Matthew Renouf

SuperSET Stim-Free


Really does help with the sleep! Tastes great 👍

Amazing taste!

Picked up Peanut Butter Dream with the recommendation from the nice folks working at my local Popeyes. By far the best isolate I've ever had.

It's light, mixes well and has an unbelievably amazing flavor, it's like dessert. Reminds me of a cross between Werther's candies and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream when mixed with milk, and it tastes just as good with either water or milk. I try to get as much whole proteins as I can so can enjoy this like an after workout treat.

Excited to try the other flavors I ordered too.

Beyond Isolate Protein Candy Series

Amazing for drinking or baking with!

This protein is amazing to have with just water or almond milk as a shake. But it also bakes super well. I’ve been trying out a lot of fun fall recipes and it’s been great! (Things like muffins, cookies, pancakes, etc)!! Highly highly recommend :)

Vegan Protein
Deidre Coughran

Vegan Protein

Beyond Isolate
Prabhjot Singh
Taste and smell

Bad taste and smell of protein vanilla dough

Amino iQ²
Medium buzz, runny nose

I use Tangy Peach as pre-workout. During exercise, I get a runny nose. Maybe it's the black pepper. I'm going to try something without pepper next.

Great for a studying boost!

This drink is great for a mid day boost to a study day, or pre workout! It’s the perfect pick me up:) The red white and boom flavour is amazing and taste like a refreshing popsicle!

The Real Deal

Great product - a reasonable amount of caffeine (about a cup and a half of coffee), no creatine so you can take that after a pump, and the other ingredients are things you can trust to be safe and useful for your workout.

Nicholas Federico
Healthy cocaine

It honestly makes me feel like I’m off 3 key bumps and 2 red bulls. I highly recommend.

Vegan Protein
Suling Tran
Peanut Butter Dream

I'm always impressed with Beyond Yourself products. This Vegan Protein is soooo good! I am (mildly) lactose intolerant; although, I love the taste of whey protein it upsets my stomach. Switching to vegan protein was really hard, because there's usually a chalky taste and texture. BUT, this protein powder is definitely the best one out there that I've tried! The flavour is great, it mixes well with just milk, there's no chalky taste, and it's very creamy! I'm very happy I purchased the 4lbs container!

Customer service was also great. I didn't put in the discount code for my first order and when I sent an email, they refunded me 20% of my order after it was processed!

Vegan Protein
Michelle O'Brien
Hit your daily protein target with ease!

“Are you a vegan, vegetarian (or perhaps neither) and you struggle to consume adequate protein? With the addition of Beyond Yourself Vegan protein powder you can boost your daily protein intake with ease while enjoying all of the delicious flavours available to choose from!

—Michelle O’Brien
Owner, O’Brien Fitness

Beyond Isolate
Jesse Leacock


So delicious!

Best juice protein I’ve ever had! Mixes easily and tastes so good/refreshing with water and a few ice cubes. Highly recommend!!

Beyond Isolate
Rebekah L
Best Protein Out There!

Delicious flavours and mixes so easily with just water. I’ve tried a lot of different protein powders out there and Beyond Yourself is hands down my favourite!

Beyond Isolate
Joan B Willis
Greatest Protein Powder Taste

I used to use another high quality protein powder but switched to Beyond Isolate as my daughter is a fitness trainer and suggested it. I love it. I purchased the chocolate mousse, the vanilla ice cream and the pineapple orange flavors. They were all equally scrumptious. Thanks

Michelle Delios Delios

Been a few years since I used this product but came back to it. Fulfills my needs with every sip I take. Taste is phenomenal.

Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein
Joey G Duplessis

Great taste and texture!!!