Think you know football? It's time to prove it.

The Beyond Yourself community is filled with athletes, coaches, and fans that passionate about a lot of things - and one of them certainly is football.

Each year our BY team goes from friends to frienemies when the NFL season comes around - from watching our favourite teams go head to head to our fantasy leagues. But this year we wanted to invite the BY community to join us by creating the BEYOND YOURSELF SURVIVOR LEAGUE.

This is your opportunity to join us and prove your football knowledge superiority by choosing just one game all week. If your team wins, you advance to the next week - with the last person standing winning a sponsored Super Bowl party (worth $1000) from Beyond Yourself!

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Choose Your Team Each week

Choose one team to win their game per week. You can only choose that team once all season.

log it online

With Run My Pool, you can log your picks each week OR if you're confident you can log the entire season right now.

win a superbowl party

If your team wins, you'll move to the next week. Last person standing wins a sponsored Super Bowl party!

$1000 Grand Prize
win your own superbowl party

Make this the year you go BIG with your Super Bowl party. The winner of the BY Survivor League will get $1000 to spend on making sure their party is as big as the game!