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The ultimate pre-workout formulated to get you dialed in and performing at a whole new level.

You know you’re capable of performing at a higher level. Hitting that PR. Crushing that run time. Dominating even the most intense workouts.

PreSET was created for those who push themselves beyond.

Specially formulated to deliver not only an energy kick, but also intense mental focus, increased vasodilation, and physical endurance to get through even the most brutal sets - PreSET is truly the pre-workout for those who are committed to getting it done.

It’s time to level up!

The Details That Matter

Ultra-Concentrated Energy Igniting Formula - The ultimate pre-workout for truly next-level amplified energy, focus, and endurance.

Smooth & Focused Energy - 200mg of blended caffeine combined with 100mg of theanine to create intense but smooth energy without the jitters or crash. Taken to the next level with 200mg of Deanol for razor-sharp focus. It’s time to get dialed in. 

Increased Blood Flow 2,000mg l-citrulline and 500mg of l-arginine added for increased vasodilation and nitric oxide to allow for maximum blood flow to your muscles for that added pump and support grinding out those last reps.

Why People Love PreSET

Intensive & Smooth Energy - PreSET’s combination of caffeine, theanine, and deanol delivers an intense energy focus without the jitters or crashes. 

More Work Output - Go beyond just an energy drink. PreSET is designed to support your body for maximum work to squeeze out the extra reps and truly push beyond.

Insane Flavours & Mixability - With award-winning flavours, Beyond delivers the pre-workout you can’t wait to drink.



Beta-Alanine - Proven to buffer lactic acid, which forms during exercise, often referred to as “the burn”, which leads to muscle fatigue and failure. Supplementation with beta-alanine can improve strength, endurance and enhance recovery.

Citrulline Malate - Known as the “king of pump ingredients”, L-Citrulline is an amino acid that increases ornithine and arginine plasma levels and improves the ammonia recycling process and nitric oxide metabolism. Studies have shown L-Citrulline increases power output, reduces fatigue, and improves endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

 L-Arginine - An amino acid that directly produces nitric oxide via the nitric oxide synthase enzymes and works synergistically with citrulline for an even greater pump.

Deanol - Also known as DMAE, increases the production of acetylcholine (a chemical that helps nerve cells transmit signals). Acetylcholine plays a key role in many brain functions, such as learning, focus and memory. It can also protect neurons and other cells from the harmful effects of certain types of oxidation by acting as an antioxidant.

Caffeine - Classified as a nootropic because it sensitizes neurons and provides mental stimulation, caffeine is a powerful stimulant that improves physical strength and endurance. A blend of caffeine is used to provide smooth, seemingly limitless crash-free energy.

L-Theanine - An amino acid that helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with caffeine to avoid the dreaded “jitters” experienced with some pre-workouts.

Niacin - Better known as Vitamin B3, Niacin is necessary to support the function of many enzymes. It also helps dilate small blood vessels called capillaries, which increases the flow of blood in the body. Niacin will give you an extra “pump” in your demanding workouts.

Resveratrol - A plant compound produced in grapes that acts like an antioxidant that protects the heart and blood flow and improves overall health.


*Please note: International formulations may vary in accordance with local regulations.

Beyond Yourself PRESET Supplement Facts


Mix 1 scoop with 6-12 oz of cold water and consume 45-90 minutes before training. It is recommended to take with food.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Best Pre!

This Preworkout is my favourite! It has just the right amount of “stim” to make you energized, without feeling shaky or ichy. I love having it morning or afternoon, never makes me crash. Plus the flavour is amazing! Highly recommend!

Haider Syed
PreSet is Awesome!

I have tried A LOT of pre-workouts, but PreSet, by far, is the best! I’ve recommended it to many people and heard nothing but great reviews about it!

Sasha Asgary
Awesome pre-workout

PreSet is by far my favorite pre-workout on the market and I like it even more than SuperSet.

PRESET is awesome!

Preset is the first pre workout I tried by BY. It is a highly concentrated formula to get you great pumps, boost your energy and stay focused to kill your workouts. All of the flavours are great!

Alex V.

At first I was skeptical because I was so attached to my previous pre workouts, but the black cherry flavor tastes great and the pre gives me lots of energy without the itch! I find it doesn't cause a crash halfway into my workout the way some of my previous purchases did, definitely recommend everyone try!

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